How Much Facebook & Google Marketing Cost

How Much Facebook & Google Marketing Cost

To understand how much Facebook marketing & Google marketing cost, we must first understand how Facebook & Google charge advertiser.

Google Search charge based on CPC (Cost Per Click), as simple as it sounds you will only get charged when someone clicks on your ads, for example, you are one of the advertiser (Johnson Baby) you place your ads buying keywords “baby product” and there are the other 3 competitors buying the same keywords like below.

You will only get charge If Someone Click On Your Ads, if the searchers (the one who searching for baby products) click on Jumping Baby Jacks (the second ads) you will not be charge simply because your ads is shown in the search page.

So now get to the real questions, how much does it cost when you advertise on Google Search?

Well, it depends. So of the industry CPC is extremely expensive such as Insurance, property, education, etc which can go as high as $ 10 per click.

Assuming you are in one of those industry and you get an average 30 clicks per day, you will need to pay about $ 300/Day ($ 10 per click x 30 clicks). If your industry is relatively cheap like most of the industry does which cost $ 0.20 ~ $ 0.50 per click and you getting 30 clicks, you will only need to pay $ 6 ~ $15 per day.

Facebook, on the other hand, charge users based on few different model depends on your objective but the most common is impressions.

So, what is impressions?

If you come across similar visual like the above with the “Sponsored” words below the business name, its the Facebook ads. Everytime you see the ads, its count as 1 impressions.

If you see the same ads 2 times per day, which mean the ads served 2 impression on that particular day.

There are many factors that will affect the CPM (Cost per thousand impression) which we will be cover in the other post but across industry, we are looking at about $1 ~ $3 CPM. Which means that every time your ads is served 1000 times/impressions you will be charge $1~$3.

Based on the above, Facebook apparently is the winner in cost when it comes to reach¬†(how many people your ads deliver to) but it doesn’t mean you should always only advertise on Facebook because both platform has its pro and cons.

Keep an eye on our upcoming post which we will be covering each of the pro and cons for the platform.

Thanks for reading.

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